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Mission Statement

Jonny's IT Services will provide a level of quality IT Service, customer service, and family-centric commitment that can be compared or exceeded to that of your family relative that handles your IT needs.  We ensure our quality service by building our business model around the relationships we have with our clients and not the product itself, nor by jeopardizing loyalty for quantity.

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Our Services

Some of the main services I offer for my clients:

Unlimited Remote Tech Support

You can reach me on speed dial for any IT problem you have, any day, anytime, for as many times as you need without ever having to pay extra. Seriously.

Mobile Device & IoT Support

Whether you're an Apple or Android user, Smart phone or Tablet, I support everything including smart home appliances!

Cyber Security

Do you spend time reading white papers on the latest cyber security threats and trends? Of course not, because no body has time for that! But part of what you get with my monthly services is being rest assured that I stay current on all those topics so you don't have to.

Online Backup *AND* Monitoring

Backups are like insurance, some might have it but many hope to never use it. But if you have a backup solution in place, when was the last time you checked the integrity of those files? I don't just backup your most important documents, I also regularly check the integrity of those files.

Passionate about IT since Early Childhood

My father was an electronic engineer who, in my earliest days ran a TV & VCR repair shop, and as I grew older, worked on the factory line and Quality Assurance department for a medical equipment manufacturing company. As technology always changed overtime, he didn't always have the financial means to always stay current with the latest trends by attending classes and seminars.

So what he did instead was resort to buying computer components from Fry’s Electronics and then pulling all-nighters testing the next generation hardware he needed to know how to use, or learning the painstaking procedures and order of installing a particular kind of software to get it to work just right—he ultimately became a very reliable technician at his company simply by having the discipline to learn and improve his craft through trial and error.
My father went on to pursue other professions in life before finally retiring, however, he has always instilled that mindset and passion in me, to always strive to improve my skillsets; that pursuing continuing education doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to spend enormous amount of money at traditional institutions when I could get the same if not better results for a couple hundred dollars by buying a few computer parts and gaining invaluable experience by chasing a trial-and-error learning model, as well as the passion I now have for IT.

As I grew older into a teenager, my passion for IT with computers and networking only intensified and I quickly found myself spending more time tweaking around with computers turning them into web and mail servers than focusing on doing my required homework for Junior High and High School. Read More >

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From The Founder

"It's not about NEEDING an IT Guy, it's about HAVING an IT Guy."

When I turned 17, I enlisted in the US Army Reserves and picked a specialty to do IT networking where I received invaluable training, skills, and experience to have an understanding of how enterprise hardware in the private sector works like, as well as become an expert in the unique equipment the military uses. Then towards the end of my initial contract, I decided to go to a vocational Emergency Medical Technician program to become an EMT and work on a 911 ambulance with the goal to experience something different and totally foreign from where my comfort zone was at the time, all while still involved in IT on the side by helping friends, family, and colleagues with their computer problems and enjoying it as a passion. Now, after working in EMS for about 5 years, I’ve discovered an IT business model that allows me to fulfill my needs of serving others combined with my passion for managing their IT infrastructure for them while leveraging opportunities for further education and skills-building from the military (I’ve since re-enlisted back in the Army) and I believe it is this unique trifecta of background experiences that gives me a different perspective of how to manage your IT infrastructure and provide a holistic approach to solving IT problems for you.

So whether you are just a regular homeowner, a solopreneur, or a business owner with employees, let's get in touch to see how you could benefit from having me on retainer!

Even though my business is based out of San Antonio, TX, I service on-site clients all across Texas & California, as well as provide strictly remote services for any long distance clients!

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